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Mule deer skull drawing by Randall Babb

North American Mule Deer Conservation Plan

An interagency Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in support of this conservation plan has been signed by major land management agencies and WAFWA.  Click here for a PDF copy of the MOU.

“Mule Deer: Changing landscapes, changing perspectives.”  Available in a downloadable PDF version or hardcopies of this document are also available from your local State or Provincial wildlife management agency

Interactive Map of North American black-tailed and mule deer habitat  This link takes you to the Remote Sensing/GIS Lab website at Utah State University were you can download GIS files and a map (Note: these maps are intended to be used at a very macro scale throughout mule deer range and not to plan local projects).

Or, if you use Google Earth on your computer, simply clicking on these links will allow you to view this information in that program (you can also “right click” these links and “save target as” to your hard drive)

Summer Range

Winter Range

Year-round Range

Winter Concentration Areas

Limited Range

Other Important Habitat Features

Overall Habitat Map

You can find a description of these categories HERE

Manuscript titled: “A Case for Standardized Ungulate Surveys and Data Management in the Western United States.” Which calls for an improvement in how consistently survey data is collected and stored.

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